63 definitions by Maria

A stupid person/ dumbass
hey you little sy!
by Maria November 22, 2003
refers to the "meat" or should i say Dick or Penis hanging between a mans legs the martket refers to a large group of guy in a area or a place where alot of them are gathered
lets go over on main to watch the guyz go bye "hell yeah its a meat market over there and i could use some sausage

lets go to club dmx Ooh girl its a meat market in here "i know theres some fine ass niggas in there any flavor u like
earl cambel,Jalapeno Popers full of thick white cheese,and oh yeah the other white meat" Girl u so nasty!!! he he he
by Maria March 12, 2005
Is a word refering to a girls tits
Damn Sally say great chacha's
by Maria August 18, 2003
a nick name for salim
yo slim we'll see ya at seven
by Maria June 07, 2004
Im straight A word big heads David and Jeff use especially when there at Dillions working!!!
David::YO Jeff wanna go get shoppin carts.
Jeff: Naw big head I'm straight
David:aiite you thinkin bout Sabrina huh??
Jeff:: yeah I'm Gay
by Maria December 30, 2004
It's poop....on a stick
i was walking down the street and i found poop on a stick
you can't just find poop and put it on any ol' stick it comes prepared
by maria June 17, 2006
(deal-ee) "whats up" in ghetto terms....

"Whats da dilly-yo?"
by Maria February 06, 2002

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