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63 definitions by Maria

when a girl has her period and it hurts a lot.
me: wow i'm feeling quite crampy today.
meaghan: me too. however, i am cramping up. it means the same thing but is in verb form as opposed to adjective form.

two in one
by maria March 03, 2004
41 18
A guy hotter than you!!
He's hot!
you''re just plain ugly!
by Maria January 09, 2005
35 22
also used for straight edge mean the 3 x's (no smoking,no drinking,no sex,)
I follow XXX!
by Maria November 04, 2003
32 21
that thick, sometimes wet thing you always wanna pull out of your nose.
my kalungat is for you.
by maria October 05, 2004
13 3
spanish for slut
Look at that white girl...stupid mujerzuela.
by maria November 14, 2003
30 21
A very polite, gorgeous American.
Nicky Hayden is a very polite, gorgeous American.
by Maria July 17, 2003
16 8
do I look like a give a damn?
also there is dilligaf, do I look like i give a fuck?
and there is also dilligas. do i look like I give a shit?
Natasha: my nose hurts, I can't stop sneezing.
Me: dilligad
by Maria January 09, 2005
9 2