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grotesque minge often scented like mackerel which oozes chunks
close your legs your mackerel scented flange is putting me off my food
by Maria April 21, 2005
spanish for slut
Look at that white girl...stupid mujerzuela.
by maria November 14, 2003
that thick, sometimes wet thing you always wanna pull out of your nose.
my kalungat is for you.
by maria October 05, 2004
A very polite, gorgeous American.
Nicky Hayden is a very polite, gorgeous American.
by Maria July 17, 2003
do I look like a give a damn?
also there is dilligaf, do I look like i give a fuck?
and there is also dilligas. do i look like I give a shit?
Natasha: my nose hurts, I can't stop sneezing.
Me: dilligad
by Maria January 09, 2005
Synonymous with cunttard and fucktard. This is when you are dealing with a seriously pea-brained twat.
The silly high school dropout, Alicia, is a real twattard.
by Maria June 20, 2004
This expression is actually mostly used in India, but has through extensive migration of Indians to the US spread. It basically means "cannot be" or "that can't be". Usually said with indian/english accent.
Ravi: I studied so hard for the exam and still I got an F!
Ajay: Is cannot?!?!?!!? Are you stupid or what?
by Maria October 09, 2004

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