9 definitions by MariAntonia

Stuck up girl. Having picky tastes. Spoiled rich girl. Snob, rude obnoxious.
Esta puta es una fresa. La fresa quiere un carro nuevo. El papa de esa fresa le regala todo.
by MariAntonia July 13, 2006
gangster, poor, lacking education, Gangbanger, Speaking Spanglish (poor English). A bald male living in poor urban community involved in a gang. Drug dealer. In south america this term is used to describe a poor man of indigenous descent.
"Ese pinche pelon es un cholo."
"vamonos de aqui, esque ya llegaron esos cholos cabrones."
"no me gusta pasar por esa vecindad, tienen cholos."
by MariAntonia July 14, 2006
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