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Purple Sticky Salvia is a brand-name of the incredibly intense hallucinogen salvia and is perfectly legal in most states in the U.S.

It happens to be one of the most popular salvia brands purchased from local headshops. The leaf is ground up and as the name would imply is a purple shade and a little ‘sticky‘. It doesn’t stick to you or anything, but it certainly does not feel similar to a standard dried leaf.

It also has batshit crazy potency measurements in comparison to every other brand. Every 4 AtomiX is 1X regular strength. So if the package says 60 AtomiX purple sticky salvia, then it’s really only 15x.

A normal dosage will give you a high that lasts about five minutes, and an afterglow of about an hour.

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this black gunk in purple sticky salvia will end up in your lungs! Your body will forcibly cough it up, if you’re lucky, but in the meantime those tars will act like a toxin, leaching poisons into your bloodstream.
by Marguereetah June 17, 2010

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