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When someone eats lunch and then 5 hours later there is residue or everything they ate the whole day in condensed form plastered to the corners of their mouth moving slightly when intense words are used.
Jim's collective corners distracted me from the twinkle in his eye.
by MARGE November 18, 2004
a meaning of super coolness.

:Originates from the Quebeq province of Canada.
This party is the coolest i have ever seen. It totaly 'smacks of awesomeness' cause I have never been to anything so fun before.
by Marge December 28, 2004
a person who meets all four of the following criteria:
1) Your night life interferes with your day life.
2) You have an innate sense of, or taste for, beer.
3)You don't have time for a serious relationship.
4) You have more holes in your body than you had when you started college.
"Dude, that girl is such a badass!"
"Yeah she must be a college monster."
by Marge December 13, 2004
crotch smell or juice.
Close your legs I can smell your dink.

Gina just sprayed her dink on me!!!
by MARGE November 26, 2004
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