2 definitions by Margaret Thatcher

Deriving from the formulation of two words: 'Cum' and 'Lord'.
Meaning: The Boss/Master of a semen/sperm mixture or a 'Twat'.
Normally used as an insult when the user is either intoxicated or on the losing side of an insult battle. The use of such a word is ill-advised as people will come to the conclusion that you are retarded. see Fucktard
Mother, you cumlord, where is my fucking tea?
by Margaret Thatcher February 27, 2004
Tibet. Any country can be referred to as the italy of its region, if it is crappy, rundown, was once famous and has a lot of shitty leftover culture from like a thousand years ago. But now a days its basically indian reservation.
hey look at this neato Temple, its been here for a thouand years, everybody can read and write, but they have to resort to eating bird guano to survive.
by Margaret Thatcher September 21, 2003

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