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A despicably overfinanced "film artist" from Naperville, the whitest suburb in west Chicago. Mike Krumlauf is best known for his self-proclaimed "internet celebrity" and his incessantly self-indulgent, over-hyped, and depressingly homoerotic short films. While the visual quality of the film is in fact good, this is due entirely to brilliantly engineered designer cameras that his parents began indulging him with in hopes he would find he had at least one skill. He has also been known to post absurdly narcissistic (though admittedly entertaining) video blogs in which he cries over a myriad of wide-ranging topics, including but not limited to being mugged, being discriminated against as an affluent white male in suburbia, and how difficult it is to maintain his internet celebrity while perfecting his "art."
"Dude, why are you wearing that v-neck? In your bathtub? Filming yourself with a $47,000 DV?"

"I'm gonna pull a Mike Krumlauf. Can you burn me a CD of Beiruit and Girl Talk? I'm gonna need some tissues, too."
by Marg Thatcher's Saucy Machines January 09, 2010
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