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(verb) To irrationally blow up at someone; to give dirty looks or yell at someone for no reason;

(verb) To unreasonably bug out

(noun) Odessa's wacky aunt
Yo, man. Stop madingin'! Why are you so mad about having strippers at a bachelorette party?!
by Marg August 03, 2005
(verb) To share in your friend's love for something eventhough you do NOT enjoy it

(verb) To sacrifice one's own time for the happiness of those close

(noun) the nickname of a Filipino super mega star
Lyze totally shawied this weekend. She's awesome for driving me to AC to see that concert...she doesn't even listen to that singer.
by Marg August 03, 2005
Person, cauch potato who has not much to do, and spend time just to search Google.
Peter spent weekend at home. He was sick of TV and turned to computer Google search.
by Marg July 24, 2005

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