3 definitions by Mareena

something that should be locked up in drawers, or simply kept in your pockets.
there are so many things i want to say, and so many things i feel, but i dont know if they\'re right, if i should even bother to try to bother and....*dies*
by Mareena April 26, 2005
derived from the words "fabulous" and creschendo, fabrischendo are those things that you see in front of houses that you are capable of walking on. it means, faulous risers. they are usually made of bricks.
Oh, my parents recently built a new fabrischendo in front of our house...come look!
by mareena March 06, 2005
the most awesome dog in the world.
refer to www.petridish.net and search for Rem_the_dog
rem the dog at petridish dot net, mareena's dog rem.
by mareena March 06, 2005

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