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3 definitions by Marcuss

to get married; or already married
We are getting hitched.
by marcuss April 10, 2006
taijence a beautiful young girl, plays sports (ex; hockey, volleyball.. etc) has a big heart, she is a loving young lady, beautiful as a flower, gorgeous as a model, and is really stunning. her personality is amazing, and out of this world. has wheels, always gets them babyboys. also a real jokester.
"taijence is beautiful" "look, taijence has wheels" "taijence wheeling" "taijence is so beautiful"
by MarcusS November 05, 2013
A word used to express delight over one's good fortune, or happiness.
"He gave me the answers the the test, it was such a boost!"
"I was so boosted that we didn't have school Monday"
by Marcuss February 09, 2006