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1 definition by Marcus Troymixler the 4th

For one to react and spread the word and views of another by simply making a statement that offends you. Therefore, letting you spread their word and do their work for them.
Guy 1: You have any idea what I heard today?
Guy 2: Nope. Do tell good sir.
Guy 1: Obama recognized a guy today because he came out of the closet and announce he is gay. Even called him "A True American" hero.
Guy 2: What? Are you kidding me?

Guy 2: Honey, did you hear about Obama and his "True american hero"?
Honey: I didn't. Please tell.

And so on and so on...

In this example both Guy 1 and Guy 2 GOT OBAMA'ED!
by Marcus Troymixler the 4th April 30, 2013