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11 definitions by Marcus Solomon

Derived from the mathematical term "hypotenuce," it is the longest side of the right-angle triangle formed by the standard emo haircut; the sloped line covering one or both eyes created by the backward, angular mullet favored by emo clones.
The length of an emo crybaby's emotenuce can be calculated with the formula A squared plus B squared equals C squared; C being the variable representing the length of the emotenuse.
by Marcus Solomon October 22, 2007
127 9
Another emo-based redundant term, with the first being the same definition as the last. An emo bisexual is anyone in the emo scene, due to the fact that bisexuality (real or contrived) is an essential part of the bland, unoriginal, and self-deluded, false-genre known as emo.
A: Is that emo kid an emo bisexual?
A: Duh. All of them are.
by Marcus Solomon November 16, 2007
227 132
When a skateboard begins to tightly swerve back and forth from left to right with increasing velocity until the skateboard begins to undulate so rapidly that the rider is usually thrown from the board.
I was doing some downhill skateboarding and I went so fast that I got the speed wobbles and got pitched into the street.
by Marcus Solomon November 09, 2007
43 5
1. Any cultural or subcultural grouping such as the "skate scene," the "jock scene," the "punk scene," etc. Most recently, those who have become part of the sad, false genre known as "emo," have become so embarassed about themselves that they have adopted the word "scene" or "scene kid" in a pathetic attempt to mask their involvement in the most unoriginal trend ever to infect music and fashion. Most emo clones who call themselves scene kids tend to be older; an emo clone with a driver's license.
I am not an emo kid, even though I look like every other emo kid and listen to emo bands, I am a scene kid so stop making fun of me...I have a driver's license and everything!
by Marcus Solomon November 12, 2007
50 26
A variation of the word "ridiculous," with the emphasis on the syllable making the "COCK" sound, meaning anything that is extremely stupid; ridiculous to the point of absurdity.
1. Did you see Vice President Dick Cheney sleeping through the official briefing about the California fires? That was absolutely reCOCKulous!
by Marcus Solomon November 02, 2007
56 33
Any easily-led trend-follower whom has joined the sad, contrived, and bland false-genre known as emo. Emo fans pride themselves on looking alike (tight girl's pants on males, black backward mullets, see: emotenuse, contrived negative emotion, Converse high-tops, and peer-encouraged homosexuality.] Emo music completely disregards the fact that all music is emotional, and insists that "emotional" pertains only to negative emotions. Emo music is basically commercial pop music masquerading as alternative, which may or may not contain occasional temper-tantrum screaming see: screamo.
Emo fans are lemmings that have been led to the edge of conformity, where they throw themselves into the ocean of exaggerated tears.
by Marcus Solomon November 16, 2007
37 25
When one is working with any computer word-processing program, and it begins to become non-responsive and/or performs strange, unexplained functions, often resulting in the computer freezing and/or loss of the entire document.
The term is derived from the skateboarding vernacular term "speed wobbles," which is when a skateboard begins to tightly swerve uncontrollably from left to right due to excessive speed.
Man, I spent two hours typing my report for Literature class and I got the word wobbles just before the screen went blank.
by Marcus Solomon November 09, 2007
34 23