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A man who is obsessed with photographing his genitals mid bounce, also known as "capturing one's doodle flopping." This condition is often found in association with "aggrivated weiner legslaptadium," "penicular straining," or "jiminy jingling." Origin: Prehistoric fossil records have indicated that cavemen really liked bouncing their testicles in the wind.

doodle flop whack Joe Weinerwhacken Jill Jigglylabes
Person 1: Bill's weekly trampoline photoshoots on his front lawn have really shamed and embarrassed the entire community.

Person 2: It's so sad. He's become a regular Joe Flopadoodle.
by Marcus Ricci May 05, 2006
Teabagging a hot piping stack of pancakes (see Teabagging). Origin: a combination of Scrotum and Aunt Jemima (syrup).

teabaggin nutbagging scrotum testes syrupy discharge sea donkey
Dude, I was so stoned at IHOP last night.

Yeah, dude, you totally scrotomima'd every stack in the house!
by Marcus Ricci April 21, 2006
1. (noun) the magical fairy who brings weed, often mysteriously or without explanation.

2. (verb) To jingle the testicles of a man, esp. a gay one, much like one would jingle those of a cricket (Note: it is important to gently but lovingly stroke a cricket's genitals to maximize the insect's pleasure).

hand job weed fairy stroke marijuana ballsack
1. Stoner A: Dude, when I woke up this morning it seems like my dime bag had tripled in size!
Stoner B: Dude, it looks like Jiminy Jingle paid you a motherfuckin' visit.

2. I went to the bathroom during Musical Theater Night at Sydney's Ass Shaking Palace and there were like eight guys getting jiminy jingled in the restroom!
by Marcus Ricci April 26, 2006
A phrase used to describe a feeling of complete mental release while smoking marijuana. To throw one's social cautions to the wind, and act in a state that represents the most primitive desires of the mind. Zany, crazy, Kooky. Out of control, and feeling good about it.

blazed baked stoned fucked up blasted
Man, Eduardo went crazy after he smoked that blunt.

Yeah, he hit the motherfuckin' shmoingus zone, biatch!
by Marcus Ricci April 21, 2006

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