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a + b = c
(n.) A Theorem which states:

The gayness of one man equals the sum of the man on top of him added to his own; Squared.
by Marcus Aurelius November 18, 2004
(v.) The act of inserting a straw like apparatus into one's anus, and sucking out diarrhea. Then proceeding to spit this diarrhea back into the anus owner's mouth. An extremely arousing sexual.
In order to spice up their sex life, the two men became one by preforming Ronald Bog
by Marcus Aurelius November 18, 2004
a style of music listened to by dumb frat boys, generic radio music, music for meatheads with popped collars
Tony listens to Frat Rock in his Abercrombie shirt.
by Marcus Aurelius March 03, 2005
1: (v.) For a human female to bend over, and attack another with a lethal projectile called "bitch" spawned from her vagina( See Bitch). This projectile is generally reddish in color and diametered twenty-two to forty-eight millimeters; with any lesser size considered a " Bitchlet ", and larger considered a " Garofolo ".
2: (n.) Any collective gathering which requires a court order to legally exist.
The doctor had to inform the victim’s family that their sibling died from bitchfest wounds to the face.
by Marcus Aurelius November 17, 2004
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