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4 definitions by Marcus A.

the same as damn straight, except used for homosexuals.
Person: That is amazing, look at his body!
Person: Damn gay!
by Marcus A. February 24, 2005
someone who tries too hard to be cool (weak dork) = weark
Person: She is SO not funny.. she's such a weark
by Marcus A. February 25, 2005
a person who looks dorkish ; someone who lacks charisma, funny looking ; strange looking
Person 1: *in disgust* Look at the way he dresses!!
Person 2: He is SUCH a smirt...
by Marcus A. February 25, 2005
A combination of a monkey and a slut -- therefore creating a slunky.
A certain somebody, who would not let me use his name, thinks that a certain someone is a slunky.
by Marcus A. February 26, 2005