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New Trier is the highest-profile school north of Chicago, a refuge for the children of rich people of Chicago's North Side. 99% of the students are white or Asian, and it is widely known across the county as the richest, most extravagant school district, where students all drive their Range Rovers and BMW's to school. This is partly true. Only 2/3 of the students do. The other third does not have a driver's license.

Despite their high test scores and reputation of being one of the "smartest" schools in the country, many are unaware of the suffering of those less fortunate. Growing up in a sheltered environment, they simply assume everyone has rich parents to help out the homeless of Detroit, the starving of Nigeria, and the dying of Gaza.

Their parents vote Democrat, but students show a clear disdain for paying more taxes than the underprivileged. Many are known to bring amounts even up to $50 for lunch. They're the kind of people that carry $1,500 in their wallets, encounter a homeless man on the streets, and tell him to get a job.

Despite all this, their egos remain high and care remains low. Money runs high and so does ignorance.
All are ACTUAL QUOTES from New Trier students.

New Trier Kid: "Dad, am I still getting a Ferrari for my 16th birthday?"

New Trier Kid: "Isn't Mexico's government enslaving their people?", "What's Gaza?"

New Trier Kid: "Why should I pay $25,000 in taxes if I make $250,000, while someone earning $30,000 would only pay $3,000? That is SO unfair. If I pay $25,000, so should he!"

New Trier Kid: "Evanston is like New Trier, except a lot less money and a lot more black people."
by Marcos' Soldier July 07, 2006

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