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2 definitions by MarcoAnders

Noun used to describe any genuinely warm-loving, attractive father or husband of midwestern origins.

Followed with "in the oven," can be used to describe an attractive, warm-loving, midwestern man who would make a great husband and/or father.

Can be modified by adding "with meat" for more buff examples or "with extra cheese" for the more goofy type.
"I chatted with Tyler last night on Facebook. He's so hot... and actually nice! Talk about a hotdish in the oven!"

by MarcoAnders April 24, 2009
used as an exclamation to express anagreeable, pleasing, gratifying, orsatisfying feeling
Barack: Did you pick up the dry-cleaning?

Michelle: We have people to do that for us now.

Barack: Swallow!
by marcoanders March 16, 2009