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1 definition by Marci Marci (ohaisarita)

When a person is either homo-sexual, hetero-sexual, or bi-sexual and begins to have second thoughts about any sexuality at all. The end result is a-sexuality, but the intermediary time period in which they are experimenting with a-sexuality is a state of "a-curiosity".
Sarita: Why does your gimp (figurative gimp, not literal) not like men or woman?
Marci: I've wondered that too, but I have come to a conclusion on this. We used to believe Ali (my figurative gimp) was homo-sexual, since he spent too much time with men. But through extensive questioning I have determined that his mind is changing. He is experimenting with... err, nothing! He finds intercourse with any sex unsatisfying. Therefore, he is A-Curious.
Sarita: *cries of laughter*
by Marci Marci (ohaisarita) October 05, 2010