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The German phrase for a whore party. At the minge buffet, gentleman walk in to find a vast array of females wanting to give them a good fucking.
- Wow, this is a minge buffet and a half. Most of these girls propably don't even have diseases!

- No dinner for me lads, I ate too much at the minge buffet.
by Marc885 July 19, 2006
A cunt, but a real superhumanly massive vagina. The sort of person that would that would sleep with your gran, then make you smell his fingers.

(Prounounced best using a proper English accent.)
I say Simon, you are a terrible cunt.


Simon Cowell
by Marc885 August 05, 2008
This is the shortened word for a ham sandwich. i.e. Ham and Sandwich.
- Tim, your Hamwich smells German, gross.

- Arses! damm mother has made me hamwiches again- i wanted cheese and pickle.

- I can't eat snother Hamwich today, the last one gave me the shits.
by Marc885 July 19, 2006
Know as when a man (or woman if a dyke, or just curious) has his face in between the beef curtains (or flaps) of a womans vagina. Usually, this will be when licking the female out for oral pleasure. This is like a vagina sandwich.


- I just had a mingewich with Julia. She hadn't washed and it smelt like fishcakes. I hurled shortly after.

- I just made Lisa cum, I did this by having a big mingewich.
by Marc885 July 19, 2006
The term most commonly refered to when one hugs a fatty.
Shit, Amanda the fatty just hugged me, Iv'e been Chubwrapped. She's just so fat. Smelly bitch.
by Marc885 July 19, 2006
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