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Smash Ya Pasty is a slang word of North East England origin which means a man will have sex with a women very well,so much that the women will feel like there vagina has been literally smashed.
"man,i smashed her pasty so bad yesterday, she shit everywhere....kept shagging her though"

"c'mere ho,mi gona smash ya pasty rotten"
by Marc P September 21, 2008
tmoz = tomorow.another abbreviation of a word used on the interenet as fat lazy bastards are too fat to even type in the whole word..no..its for for speed of conversation!?..fuck off please!
pitts90:"wuu2 tmoz"

linheart2KAO:"nthin mch,jst ownd sum noobs on WOW tho"

pitts90:"why am i your friend again?"
by Marc P September 21, 2008
musky pearls are basically slng for a man testicles.however musky pearls refers more to the smell of a mans balls,musky is the natural smell a man gives off which is doubled ten fold in his pants as thye are usually stuffed in a tight pair of cotton briefs.pearls is juxtaposition to the negative "musky" putting a positive onto a negative presenting the idea mens balls are both bad and good.
chick 1:" i went down on my new boyfriend for the first time and he had a pair of really musky pearls"

chick 2:why do you always tell me about this shit you sick bitch"

chick 1:"...."
by Marc P September 21, 2008
A Mole Hole is where a mole on a person body can be found near or on a orafice.the situation is usually alot worse if the mole is hairy.
"eurgh fuck that im not going down on you,you have a mole hole!"

by Marc P September 21, 2008
WTFUWU is a internet term.wtfuwu stands for what eh fuck's up with you.
Jerry1992:"WTFUWU man!"

by Marc P September 21, 2008
A hairy mullet minge is a vagina that has incredibly long yet striaght pubes yet is shaved around the groin area,but just enough to see stubble.It can be found on any women as it is a style of pubic hair,but is mainly fashion not genetic but can be found on american hillbille women....obviously.
"eurgh man WTF! is tht!?"

"its my hairy mullet minge..its the style,u like?"
by Marc P September 21, 2008
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