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A moment of unlimited potential, where energy and creativity are released in high yields. (A more descriptive term for "being in the zone", the phrase it replaces.) The conditions necessary for a creative reaction are a well-engineered infrastructure, simplified business procedures, and productivity skills which enable creatives to shut out distractions, make the most of available time, and be energized. When these conditions are met, the spark of creativity is all that is needed for a creative reaction to occur.
I shut my door, turned the ringer off, then quit out of chat & e-mail. I got SO MUCH of my screenplay done. Creative reaction is the only way to describe it!
by Marc L. Grubb July 01, 2008
1) Constant connectivity via your smartphone and computer blurs the boundaries between your work life and your personal life.

2) Constant connectivity at work via e-mail & chat, results in so many interruptions that you cannot get blocks of time to do any thinking, resulting in you catching up on your work at home on nights and weekends.
This is the third e-mail from my boss this weekend. I'm a victim of workweek creep!
by Marc L. Grubb July 01, 2008
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