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Pokemon #41 on the Kanto Dex,#037 on the Johto Dex, #063 on the Hoenn Dex, and #028 on the Sinnoh Dex. Poison/ Flying type Pokemon.

Zubat is a small, blue bat-like Pokémon. It has two long, skinny tails. Zubat's face lacks any eyes and a nose. The insides of Zubat's ears and undersides of its wings are purple.

Gender Differences:
A female has smaller fangs.

Special abilities:
Though blind, they get around well with echolocation. They can also confuse foes with their high-pitched squeals.Zubat can also attack with its fangs with moves like Bite and Poison Fang. Zubat is also capable of energy-draining moves such as Leech Life and Giga Drain.

Zubat is one of the few Pokémon that can use Air Cutter. Even though Zubat is actually mammalian, it can use Brave Bird.

Since Zubat don't prefer sunlight, they can be found quite easily in caves, particularly in caverns with limestone, which enhances their ultrasonic radar.
You just caught a lvl12 Zubat!
A wild Zubat appeared!
by Marc Johnathan September 29, 2008

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