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One of the some bands who were ahead of their time in music evolution in the laste 80's and throughout the 90's. It consists of lead singer-Billy Corgan, bassist-D'arcy Gretzky, guitarist-James Iha and drummer-Jimmy Chamberlain. Became a band in 1988, broke up and went in different directions at about 2000. Billy Corgan, now lead of "Zwan", and others paths not clearly known. The future: unknown...
Music Revolutionists: The Smashing Pumpkins
by Marbo March 27, 2003
1. a word used to express a feeling of disbelief
2. a word used when you don't know what else to say
3. an expression showing complete and utter boredom with whomever may be speaking
1. Pshaw! You just made that up.
2. Pshaw...i'm freakin' bored..
3. Pshaw! Just get on with the damn story, i ain't got all day.
by Marbo March 27, 2003
1. a robotic brainwashing device, created to aim for the youth majority of the world's population.

2. a harmless-looking toy made by orientals in Japan and other Asian places.

3. one of the best-selling toys for children back in 1999.

4. a piece of rubbish that talks when you don't want it to and mimics behavior, like, babies for example. They just won't let you get to sleep unless you take their batteries out or throw them out the window.
Helpful Hint: never just take batteries out of them to get them to shut up. It may not work. Just dispose of them the correct way (example.- axe, steamroller, etc.)
by Marbo March 27, 2003
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