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A sexual act in which one cums on a chihuahua (in a pinch, any dog will do), prefferably a black one, then uses the cum to stick fluffy white cotton in it, simulating a poodle haircut.
Aww, Nubi looks so cute as a poodle!
by Maramas October 09, 2006
A sex act in which one partner cums prodigiously on the other's face, glues long pubic hair to it (or in a pinch, any hair), then cums on it again to make it white.
I'm so proud of the Dumbledore Julia gave me last night, I left it on for work today.
by Maramas October 09, 2006
When, while in the doggy style position, the male urinates into the female.
Man, I just golden retrievered some bitch!
by Maramas January 14, 2011
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