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To be taken advantage of in a most foul way while playing fantasy sports.

According to the FX show "The League", it is when a completely lopsided trade offer in a fantasy sport is accepted. It typically opens happens to n00bs.
Person 1: I just pulled off a sweet deal in my Football league.

Person 2: Nice, who'd you get?

Person 1: I got Jamarcus Russell and traded Peyton Manning.

Person 2: Dude, you just got trade raped.
by MarWash November 20, 2009
A well toned or ridiculously nice body part. Commonly refers, but not restricted to, the abdominal muscles.

A phrase and nickname coined by Michael Paul of MTV's "Jersey Shore", fame used to reference his own physical appearance.
Person 1: Ay, check out the ass on that girl

Person 2: Damn son! That's what we call, the situation.
by MarWash December 10, 2009

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