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"People" who usually abuse their power for a well-worth low profit.
They usually stop you for being something other than white or even for being white.

Police usually stop "pimped out" rides to see if they find something bad inside it usually only to use it as an excuse to own it.

They always go over the speed limit while you are handcuffed in the car and have absolutely no courtesy against law-abiding citizens whatsoever.

They are well-known for their ability to suck cock while giving you a ticket for going 1 mile over the speed limit.
fuck the police
by Mar Muffin March 13, 2010
The act of being a dick and following an ambulance/fire truck to see everyone that had to pull over rage and envy your great power. It is illegal, but to hell with that! It takes you to your destination quicker without any of the idiot drivers interfering!
(1) Me = *pulls over and waits for the ambulance to pass*
Ambulance = *passes*
Me = *linebacks ambulance and passes everyone*

(2) Guy 1 - Man I'm so late!
Guy 2 - Dude, you should try linebacking that ambulance over there.
Guy 1 - *linebacks ambulance* hell yeah! F00TBALL!!!
by Mar Muffin August 19, 2011

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