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A bastardised French form of the English term "Germ Warfare" used to describe military action using biological weapons.
"Them folks might at some point have the capability to use weapons of mass destruction and Guermonprez" - George W Bush in justifying the 2003 genocide in Iraq
by Maq April 04, 2003
Action between two or more people.
Comparable to strokes, hugs, snuggels, etc.
Jane poffels Jim.
Jim poffeled Jane before.
Jim and Jane are poffeling together.
by maq July 08, 2004
Walking around looking for open wireless networks with a laptop or PDA.
I'm going to be war walking with my iBook later.
by Maq January 03, 2004
East ldn crew from E8 and E3
proper good
wiley kat, titchy strider,danny weed,carnage...........ROLLIN' DEEP
by maq January 26, 2004

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