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The tough people of newzealand who smash up pakeha folks. Pakeha are too scared of maori because we love to smash them over all the time. We rob the pakehas stores steal all there cars etc.Maoris are hardcore gangstas and pakeha try to copy maori styles. Some pakeha think theyre maori. Youll see maori youth hanging round the shops in big groups robbing the whites. The maoris worst enemy are pakehas because pakeha are so ugly. Maoris will rule NZ and pakeha cant handle it. Maori are the indigenous people of NZ but pakeha think they are. Pakeha are not indigenous to NZ. Maori and P.I are the majority of NZ and we will be taking over NZ and sending those pakeha back to Europe.Pakeha cant mess with the maori cause Maori are to strong and we will waste them and there scrawny white little asses.
Pakeha Says: Look at those mowris.
Maori: Punches out the pakeha and robs his house
by MaoriGuy August 22, 2008

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