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1 definition by Maor Cohen

An onomatopoeia that many consider to be the most versatile word/ syllable in the english language. Can be used as a suffix, prefix, verb, noun, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction or interjection.
Frequently used by high schoolers in Newton, MA in order to make boring classes interesting.
Etymology: a combination of the lyric "my music is where I'd like you to taush" (from the infamous song by CSS "Music is my hot, hot sex") and the southeastern asian country Laos. when joined together, they form Laosh!
It is interchangeable with plaosh
Maor: "hey, professor Covarrubiaosh, i dont understand the ideal gas Laosh"
Ethan: "Laosh!"
Mr Covarrubiaosh: "just read the book hydrodynamicaosh by Daniel BernoulLaosh"
Ari: "i have a question"
Mr Covarrubias: "yes?"
Ari: "Laosh!"

Timmy: "hey, i heard Noeme is giving out Blaoshjobs in the back of her Toyota Laosh Cruiser"
Dan: "Plaosh!"
by Maor Cohen February 01, 2008