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Girls who plan to go over a persons house, movies, ect. Yet, last minute, usually in the last five minutes before having to be at their destination will call or text everybody they invited that it is cancled. The reason is unknown to all.
Hey Britney, Tom, Mike, Sam, and Kelly, want to go bowling tonight? 8:00

All: Yes

7:55: Sorry, plans are off, i have to go masterbate.

All: wow, what a planning whore
by Manynames101 March 01, 2010
You get pwned but by a noob in a video game, life, and other things.
Wow Dude, You Just got Noopooned

Haha, You got noopooned!

Lets hope we dont get noopooned...
by ManyNames101 August 05, 2009
1. A person who has too much free time on his hands and chooses not to do anything.

2. A person that is annoying you constantly.
Hey, Don't be a snarf, your pissing me off.

Dude your such a snarf, go get some friends and do something useful.
by ManyNames101 August 05, 2009
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