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Generally stands for 'What the royal fuck'.

A more grandiose version of "wtf" (What the fuck).

Used when "wtf" just isn't enough to express one's surprise/shock/anger etc.

Commonly suffixed with numerous exclamation marks/question marks.

Capitalisation is often used to express further surprise/shock/anger etc, but is not essential.
A. "Dude, I've just had my wang tattooed, check it out."
B. "wtrf!!!???"

A. "Dude, you should have seen the chick I nailed last night, horny as fuck"
B. "Cool, do I know her?"
A. "Yeah dude, it was your little sister."
B. "WTRF!!!!!???"
by Manx Bloke February 06, 2013
Probably was a really top bloke who lived 2000 years ago. On the level, talked sense, encouraged everyone just to get along with each other.
Murdered by the authorities who saw him as a threat.
Now worshipped as the son of God.
Closest modern day comparisons would be John Lennon or Martin Luther King (both also murdered).
"Jesus was a black man
No Jesus was Batman"

Shaun Ryder - 1995
by Manx Bloke June 15, 2007
Spoken in a posh english accent, it can be used to describe a person as being an idiot.
Lord Rumsford: "I say Jeeves, I asked for a bottle of Château Margaux 1978, not 1977 you complete arse!"
Jeeves: "Very good sir"
by Manx bloke October 27, 2006
A phrase used to describe a particularly attractive and sexy female.
"Wow! Jenna is looking in Mint Condition!"
"You are in totally Mint Condition girl!"
by Manx bloke November 05, 2006

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