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An idea that makes no sense as kegs would be cooler if left exposed to the wind. By surrounding them with snow, trapped air acts as an insulator thus limit the amount of heat lost from a keg. Whilst there will be some cooling of the liquid (beer) inside, you could have considerably cooler beer by not insulating it with snow.

Then again you cant blame em...rednecks are the sharpest crayons in the box
Q. Why do Eskimos live in snow igloos?..
A. They are called inuit...It traps air acting as a insulator thus keeping them warmer

Kegloo a rednecks brainchild; "Hey ma get on the dang roof top"

by Manuel Noriega June 30, 2006
When a woman with braces performs oral sex on a man and mutilates his penis.
Dude, you're walking funny, what's up? my girl has braces, she totally black and deckered me.
by Manuel Noriega April 21, 2005
A word you can use in whilst in conversation with to impress girls.

Its literal meaning is: "this word is aimed at impressing you"
Guy: Yeah so I hypercaligrastonated it, it was incredible.
Girl: Wow thats so smart...lets have sex
by Manuel Noriega October 06, 2005
A person who is sexually attracted to string.
Dude 1 : Wow look at that string. Im so turned on
Dude 2 : Man your such a stringar
by Manuel Noriega April 06, 2005
The anti-lol is used as a means of expressing the lack of humour in a situation. It is best used at times when someone tries to make a joke on an IM and fails miserabley either becuase : 1) They are morons 2) They just arent funny

The anti-lol is believed to orignated around 200BC in in a small greek province and is a direct descendant of the word LOL
Here is an example of when an anti-lol should not be used:
Dude 1 : Heres a really funny Joke... How many babies does it take to paint a barn?......
Dude 2 : Dunno
Dude 1 : Depends on how hard you throw them
Dude 2 : HAHA That is quite funny. This situation in no way requires me to use an anti-lol
by Manuel Noriega February 17, 2006
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