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that shes hot or she's a prostitute she loves tha cock it depends on the way you use it without saying shes a whore, slut or something else but its commenly used more for hot chiks
look at that chik!! wow! peeyuuuuut
It's a word that can be use for almost everything it depends on the sentece and way you use or pronounce it, it can be that u suck, that it sucks, that its fucking awsome or its just awesome it can be used as you wish its just deleting words that u can put them all in one its funny the way it sounds
(bad) BASEEEEEIIII! You missed it! OR(good)BASSEEEEEIII! She's hot OR
(normal) basei I don't care
it means what's up or fart, in Mexico is commonly used for saying what's up (QUE PEDO?) what farts?, a fart being a gas its just exchanging the word PEDO for GAS
Hey que gas? or did u thru a gas? (fart)
-butt ugly
Guy 1 - hey look at that rino
Guy 2 - Damn! she's a big fat butt ugly white chik
Guy 1 - U said it man! She's a fucking WANG

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