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5 definitions by Mantra

Having sex with somebody and never talking to them again.
"#1: How was your date with Felicity?"
"#2: We had sex and she never called me back."
"#1: Did she rampart you?"
"#2: I guess so..."
by ManTrA February 10, 2012
5 5
Lithe dragons, usually light blueish in color. They are closely related to the Mast Leviathan however they are not nearly as heavy-boned. Their wings can act as forelimbs as well, so they can easily walk with them.
The Dawn Leviathan flew through the rain
by Mantra April 03, 2005
10 19
A race of mamillian dragons. They are related to the Mast Leviathans, Dawn Leviathans and the Dawn Leviathans. Properly, the race is called the Derra Leviathan. They come in various breeds, ranging in color from dark black-gray to white, to brown and red. Some are even born pink or blue!
"Maybe we will spot a Derra today!"
by Mantra April 03, 2005
18 31
An artist who has mobs of raving fans, who attack at will anyone they even remotely suspect of copying Kaido's artwork.
"Those Goons must be some of Kaido's fans..."
by Mantra April 03, 2005
20 33
A rase of dragons evolved from the Derra. They have multiple arms, and no wings.
That Mast Leviathan is HUGE!
by Mantra April 03, 2005
8 22