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a very brilliant, artistic, beautiful man who is punished for not being like everyone else... why? i dont know. maybe because everyone who thinks he is a gay satan worshipper needs to get their facts straight before judging him. if you dont like him, fine. if you dont like his music, fine. just know he is an independent MAN and deserves everything in this world.
i say:god marilyn manson is so awesome!
the fat christian says: eeew! he is a gay man and he loves satan!
i say:no he doesnt you fat shit
the fat christian says:yes he does! i know! i heard some one say so!
i say:and that is why he is soooo much better than you
the fat christian says: no he isnt!
i say: go fuck a stick bitch
at which point i grab the closest knife and smash it into the douchebags aorta
by MansonWorshipper October 11, 2006

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