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3 definitions by Mansex Extraordinaire

The more hairy and elongated chode.
1. Your woogie chode is so hairy its like chewbaca.

2. This sucks a woogie chode
by Mansex Extraordinaire October 21, 2004
The slightly more hairy, elongated and oblong offset version of a chode. Some times refered to as, the ugly chode, afro chode, and in extreme cases, the fatling chode. The vulgur use of this chode is rarely seen in modern chode dialect, but in the old days, it was more commonly used as an insult.
1. My chode looks like chewbaca, it's a woogie chode.

2. Hey, sit down on my woogie chode and I'll slip it in sideways.

3. Dude, stop being such a fatling chode!
by Mansex Extraordinaire October 20, 2004
A more, vulgur use for chode. Seen more often as an insult. However it can be used to describe a rounded chode, as opposed to an oblong chode. The chubada chode is opposite of a woogie chode almost little or no hair, and looks more like a wrap.
1. Don't be such a fucking chubada chode.

2. The burrito I ordered at Taco Bell looks like Wendy's fat chubada chode.
by Mansex Extraordinaire October 20, 2004