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2 definitions by Manny629

What Army Aviation mechanics like to refer to Helicopter pilots as. They wiggle a stick and they are fucking retarded, anyone can fly a helicopter, but not everyone can perform maintenance on it.
Joe: "Hey, that CW2 is a complete douche.
Bob: "Yeah, I know... he's always complaining about down-time for his aircraft.:
Joe: " well, if he weren't such a stick-wiggling fucktard, this aircraft wouldn't be messed up and he could be flying."
by manny629 October 01, 2009
Hillbilly for we can go. used mostly by people that live in the deepest and darkest corners of the south, especially arkansas
wingo to the liquor store to buy some beer and a pack of pall malls
by Manny629 August 11, 2008