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A verbal catchall.
A word that can be used in almost any situation to replace almost any word in almost any context (most particularly adverbs & adjectives.)
A non-explitive which is surpassed in linguistic versatility only by the english word "fuck".
"I was gonna get her a gift, but she was akkin' all spivey n' shit."

"Check out ya boi's new suit, tell me I ain't spivey as hell!"

"Dem boi on the corner lookin' mad spivey son!"

"Ooo wee! Getcho ass over here gurl, whitcho spivey thighs!"

Dude A) "Hey bro, you don't look so spivey."
Dude B) "Yeah, I'm feelin' a little spivey today, I don't think I'll be able to go with y'all on the road trip."

"They said what?!? They don't know me! I'll get spivey on a muthafukka wit' the quickness!"

(Observing a fly femme killin' it on the dance floor:)
"Daaaayum! Git spivey wit' it girl!"

"I'm the spiveyest man alive!!!!"

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