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A) On vacation (or 'holiday', as they say in the UK) while mentally and/or physically distracted by the worries of everyday life
(See: Fakecation)

B) an apparently bright & beautiful vacation suddenly ruined by unexpectedly inclement weather.

C) a religious holiday celebrated by non-adherants of said religion
(i.e. Muslim celebrating Yom Kippur
or an atheist celebrating Christmas)
"I went with me mum on holiday, but it rained consantly so we stayed indoors. What a fauxliday!"
by Manny Styles March 21, 2010
"Boodos" is the opposite of "Kudos"
(Incorporating the word "boo" as in "boo for you!")

Used to express congratulations of negativity or sheer stupidity on the part of another.
"Boodos to you for having hot beer & no ice atcha own damn party Larry; way to go!"
by Manny Styles March 06, 2010
Fakecation: noun
Fakecationing: verb
(akin to Fauxliday in Britain)


a) When one dedicates his time to work, or is distracted by work related issues while away on 'vacation'.

b) Allowing one's emotional baggage, negative energy or worldy woes to distract them from true 'vacationing'.

C) Fakecationer:
a person doing any of the above, or, anyone who walks around throughout the entire vacation with a Bluetooth earpiece glued to the side of their face!
"I was ready to kick Keisha to the curb after our honeymoon! She was staring at that stupid laptop the whole time; it was a total fakecation!"
by Manny Styles March 21, 2010

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