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a smaller size stalker. A tiny girl that hangs on tall guys or smallish geeky guys that go after the hot babes.
Watch out! The new girl is a smalker.
You don't want to be Prom Queen, they get all the smalkers!
by Manny Stiles July 20, 2006
a shady, slimy, loud-mouthed dude aged 18-30 who instantly is your friend...Irritating tag-a-long or "Instabuddy" who borders on psychotic. Ironically, first name usually starts with a 'J' like Jeramy, Jameson or Jamie, etc.
"every time I fly, I end up having a Jerm sit next to me" or "the hot new girl at work has like, seven Jerms already!"
by Manny Stiles June 12, 2006
Vitamin M is Money, Recommended daily allowances are measured in $.
Liquid Vitamin M would be cash on hand.
I'm running low on vitamin M?
"How much Vitamin M you got?"
by Manny Stiles July 20, 2006

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