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Someone who untags themself from a photo on facebook because they dont like the photo or dont want to be seen with the other people in the photo.
Tom is such an Untagger, he totally untagged himself from that photo from the party I posted on facebook.
by manky22 March 25, 2009
A cross between being a spastic and a munter.
Mark was so ripped last night he picked up a right spunter at the pub. He was that drunk I dont think he even noticed her wheelchair.
by Manky22 May 27, 2008
Is to make yourself look like a slapper.
Rachael really slapperised herself by wearing those big fuckin hoop earings.
by Manky22 May 27, 2008
To have to sign something whilst wigging out or after you have just wigged out ie: divorce papers, mortgage etc.
Piggy was really wigging out at the thought of signing the contract but in the end managed to put his wignature on it.
by Manky22 May 28, 2008
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