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Brand of cosmetics for the alternative/punk/goth lifestyle. Their signature product is their line of funky semi-permanent hair colors. It was founded by Tish and Snooky Bellomo, singers in the original Blondie lineup. The original Manic Panic shop still stands at St. Marks Place in NYC, but people can buy products at Sallys or any novelty shop.
Boy: "I really wanna dye my mohawk pink!"
Girl: "I could dye it for you!"
Boy: "Sweet!"
Girl: "Let's head over to Sallys to buy some Manic Panic!"
by Manic_Panic007 January 01, 2009
An American socialite, reality television personality, and model. He is the son of Bruce Jenner. Brody appeared on "The Hills," where he dated Lauren Conrad and became friends with co-star Spencer Pratt. Jenner currently stars in his MTV show "Bromance," where males compete to become his new best friend.
"That guy at the party had very chiseled features! I thought I was looking at Brody Jenner..."
by Manic_Panic007 December 30, 2008

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