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An insult used to insult people when you are short of insults.
Seen as a plan B option to insult people which will always get you respect an admiration.
Also a fish that tastes nice
Joe: Your mum is fat
Bob: er *blank* your such a monkfish
Joe: ...
Crowd: *cheers*
by maniacishere October 21, 2009
An Improvment on the Doggy Doo Doo word, as in to prove the Dog Crap is bad and should be avoided at all costs.

Using this word can be dangerous as you will sound like a TOTAL prick when saying it.
Bob: Argh Crap i just stepped in a massive doggy doo doo
Joe: Damn Its all over your foot and everything! Thats gunna take like 50 Kleenex's to wipe off.
Dante: Dont you mean Doggy Don't Don't??? *Chuckles*
(Gets smacked in face)
by Maniacishere November 25, 2009
A Infinty Page Loop occurs when a unsuspecting victim opens a book to discover someone has written something along the lines of "turn to page.{insert page number}.." with the promise of knowledge (Meaning of life, Phone number Ect Ect) or just for the hell of it.

After turning to that page yet anouther simular message is found and after that anouther this will continue till the victim is lead back to the original page were the whole process will start yet again.
Kate: Is Bob okay? hes been flicking through that book aimlessly for several hours now!

Rob: Oh hes stuck in a Infinity Page Loop, Hes been promised next weeks winning lottery numbers

Kate: Daaamn... should we tell him?

Rob: nah
by Maniacishere February 20, 2010
The charming and some what ridiculous adventure of four giant talking turtles!

It all starts when some kid decides to buy four turtles, name them after famous artists and flush them down a massive toilet one after the other!

Now is this the end of our heroes? ooh no! the sewers happen to be radioactive, because what sewer is complete without being radioactive I ask you?

And does this radioactivity Ionise their cells and give them cancer? ooh no! it makes them grow massive, stand upright, de-evolves their shell to the point of being useless and evolves their vocal cords so they can speak! oh the wonders of radioactivity!

Now, in these crazy sewers they find a giant rat who can speak English! and does this rat attack them? ooh no! it becomes their master and teaches them Kung fU, THEN IT ARMS THE TURTLES WITH WEAPONS!

Now, do the turtles have revenge upon the heartless child who flushed them down the toilet? ooh no! the child is forgiven and they start a war with a bunch of SHADOW WARRIORS oooooh! because fighting is fun!

and that pretty much concludes the story of the teenage mutant ninja turtles!
Bob: Hey Terry! you seen those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Terry: Yeh, the story is so realistic isnt it?

Bob: I KNOW! I cant believe it isnt real!
by Maniacishere February 28, 2010

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