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1 definition by ManiaP

A beautiful town located on Long Island Sound in majestic Fairfield County.. a town with a torn identity. At once a place where the well-to-do retirees enjoy their cushy, halycon lives, families raise their children in a nebulous environment of unrealistic expectations, and those in between enjoy the benefits and faults of expectations and comfort - at once. A place where I pity those "in-between" (in age, essentially) lest they have the strength and perspective to understand their relative positions in the competitive economic (national.. and global) environment partly deluded by the town and its denizens in a smokescreen rooted in the Baby-Boomer mania of self-aggrandizement and exclusivity...ultimately, you have to work very hard to achieve advancement in a real sense, contrary to the torpid, feel-good palliatives you are fed herein.
I rely on theory, reenforced by practice,perspective, and overall understanding.. I have lived in various places of competing stature to Fairfield.
by ManiaP May 03, 2007