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1) To add emphasis on insulting / glorifying words.
2)Used to highlight the extra obvious flaws of a person/object.
1)Justin: I told him he was stupid-and a half for sharpening his pen.
b)Bob: That kid is beast-and a half.

2)Barbara: That girl is like fat-and a half, it's not even funny.
by Mangos808 October 17, 2009
Origin from Sri-Lankan Language.
-Meaning- (Verb)
1) A Sri-Lankan Term for Bang.
2) A word someone would say when imitating a loud crash and/ or banging sound. Or sound effect.
1) Steve: I heard a loud Dishoom sound last night.
1b) *Justin mocking Danny*
Justin: Yo Danny, I dishoomed your mom last night!
Danny: ...

2)*Tommy punches Chris*
Tommy: Dishoom!
by Mangos808 October 17, 2009

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