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"Mamma mia" is an Italian expression, who denoting various kinds of emotions: surprise, fear, rejection, joy.
What happened, here? Mamma mia, what a disaster!
by mangiaspaghetti January 20, 2009
It's clearly an Italian word. We say "bravo" when we want to approve a work or when we want to congratulate someone for having said or done something...
"Bravo, ottimo lavoro!"
"Bravo, well done!"
by mangiaspaghetti January 08, 2009
Word clearly Italian, but that has origins from South Italy and more precisely from Naples and the surrounding area.
"Scugnizzo" is a boy who has fun with other friends, spending a lot of time among the streets (vicoli) of Naples.
Currently, it is also used to describe the children, when they are clever and cunning.
Tu sei una volpe! Tu sei veramente uno scugnizzo!
You are a fox ! You are really a scugnizzo!
by Mangiaspaghetti April 12, 2008
Italian word that derives from the Neapolitan dialect.
Untranslatable word in any other language universal representative to the act to make a perfidy against something that is very important to the other.
Bob: "Sai il nome di quella ragazza?"
Jimmy: " si, ma non te lo dico"
Bob: "Mamma mia, che cazzimma!

BoB: "do you know the name of that girl huh?"
Jimmy: "yep, but I don't want to tell you"
Bob: " Mamma mia, what a cazzimma!"
by mangiaspaghetti January 25, 2009
It's one of the most bad words that can be found in Neapolitan language. The word literally in Italian means "semen", can indicate a clever person, in this case the person is called " son of sfaccimma "that is not offensive. The origin is from Italian " sfacciato "
Be careful as to use this word why it's true that there are many " son of sfaccimma" but equally true that there are also many " men of sfaccimma "(people of no value). You can even say " ma che sfaccimma " that means " damn!"
Tu sei un uomo di sfaccimma!
You're a man of sfaccimma (shit)
by mangiaspaghetti April 17, 2008
"Monnezza" or more exactly "munnezza" is a word originally from South Italy (Naples and the surrounding area), which means : garbage / trash.

It is also used as offensive word against others.
Questo contenitore è pieno di monnezza
This container is full of monnezza


Stronzo! Sei proprio na' munnezza!
Asshole, you are really a munnezza (shit)
by Mangiaspaghetti April 12, 2008
The "Tofa" , is a shell of the sea from which they can get a sound by blowing into it.
In southern Italy, and more precisely to Naples and its surroundings, "tofa" is an insult directed at women. It's a synonym for "bitch".
Tua mamma è un tofa!
Your mom is a tofa ( bitch/ whore)
by Mangiaspaghetti April 12, 2008

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