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A good looking man's face is referred to as his girl catcher
Adam: "You saved my girl catcher!"

Ders: "What?"

Adam: "yeah, thats what im calling my face now."
by Mange Crosby December 01, 2011
Foods that have a sugary sweet taste, eaten to improve the sweetness of ones sperm, in preparation for oral sex. The semen produced after the consumption of many sweet foods is referred to as "Candy Cum"
Matt- "Bro, I'm gettin a blowy from that hot chick i met last week. Any tips?"

Mike- "Yea man, eat some pineapple, I hear its a total Sperm Sweetener"
by Mange Crosby December 30, 2011
A term for using sites like Omegle and Chatroulette so parents dont know what your talking about. Often mistaken for masturbation
Mike: "Hey man, I think the donkey is itchy"

Matt: "Yea, lets scratch the donkey at my place in like an hour, alright?"
by Mange Crosby November 28, 2011
A term used to describe cum that tastes relatively sweet or sugary, usually a product of a process called Sperm Sweetening.
Matt- "Thanks for the tip dude, since I ate all that sweet shit she said I had Candy Cum."

Mike- "I told ya man, bitches love sweet cum"
by Mange Crosby December 30, 2011

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