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male semen
hey bitch, eat my manfat
by manfat June 28, 2003
a man or woman who goes to see a movie purely to pleasure themselves
dude, that guy is a one handed popcorn eater i just got jizz on my neck
by manfat June 28, 2003
a male member
Damn, I'd like to sink her battleship with my pink torpedo
by manfat June 28, 2003
a monkey made entirely of jism
close the window George, that jism monkey is looking frisky
by manfat June 28, 2003
any law enforcement officer
what seems to be the problem cunt............stable.
by manfat June 28, 2003
means "She Full Of Shit". Used to describe any woman that is user, abuser, player of men. Or can be used for any woman that is just no good and worthless.
My neighbor always has her hair and nails done but her kids stay dirty as hell. Shefos (she-foes).

A woman that dates a man for his money and then gets pregnant by him is Shefos.
by Manfat April 30, 2012
means "Girl He Full Of Shit". used for describing men that are players, users and abusers of women. Can also be any man in general that is no good or a prick.
Her boyfriend can make his new car payment every month but won't buy diapers for his child. His ass is ghefos (gee-foes)
by Manfat April 30, 2012
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