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A Term for Sexual Intercourse or Masturbation
Hey Man, How you doing?
Sorry can't talk, I'm getting busy.
Oh damn!
by Manette Playzer September 26, 2010
Celebrated on February 14. It is where single people don't like how Hallmark and other stores make a big idea of Valentine's Day and feel no point of having a Valentine. Also single people don't celebrate it with some exceptions and are disgusted with how couples make a big deal about it. Couples tend to more lovey dovey on this day.
Hey Happy Valentine's Day.
I don't celebrate Valentine's Day.
Then what do you celebrate?
Singles' Rebellion Day.
by Manette Playzer February 14, 2009
An adjective that describes a potential love interest that you really think you're interested in and would do your best to get with them. After much consideration maybe a few months later you realize they weren't worth the effort of being with them. Thus making them a passover, as you have moved on.
I really like him.
You sure about that?
Yes, I am.
U just think he is a passover guy.
Oh, okay.

Most of the girls you have dated are passover girls.
Yeah, not worth my effort.
by Manette Playzer May 22, 2011

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