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3 definitions by Mandy Sifford

Hottest guitarist in the world, Synyster Gates. Snog him anywhere, anytime!
Synyster Gates plays guitar, I'd love to kid-nap him, and keep him as a hostage lover!
by Mandy Sifford August 03, 2006
Awesome guitarist of the current Metalcore band: Avenged Sevenfold.
Guitarist of the band who plays on the OzzFest (now) and used to be on the Warped Tour.Zachary Baker is his real name,but his stge name is: Zacky Vengeance.
by Mandy Sifford July 25, 2006
The Rev is the drummer of the metal core band :A7X. He has a wife, and is a great drummer. Magic fingers!
The Rev when he has spike up hair, reminde me of Lt. Randy Discher of the the detective show Monk.
by Mandy Sifford August 10, 2006